Thursday, January 17, 2013

Setting Priorities for Stress-Free Home Relocation

It goes without saying that moving house or office is the most stressful thing anyone can do.  But if you set priorities and organize your move down to the last detail, moving is actually fun such that you will look forward to it with as much pleasure and anticipation as that of a new adventure. 

The first priority is to find everything about the new place you are moving into.  It is important that you relocate in an area where you would feel at home right away.  You are well-advised to go into a familiarization tour around the new place to make sure that you’ll find your way around when the time comes.  Then transact with utility companies to set up electricity, telephone and gas lines at the relocation home so that you can concentrate on more urgent matters when it’s time to move.

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Here is a complete moving guide checklist provided by Moving and Storage Company:


1.    1 month before moving day:

-       Book your moving company.

-       Sort through your things to discard all those no longer necessary.

-       List all the items that need special handling and care.

-       Measure the spaces in the new place to ensure that your furniture fits.

-       If packing yourself, secure cartons and packing materials.


2.    3 weeks before moving day:

-       Contact all relevant authorities to notify them of your new address.

-       Make sure that your new home is thoroughly clean.


3.    1 week before moving day:

-       Cancel newspaper, milk and other deliveries.

-       Redirect mail through the local post office and messenger services.


4.    2 days to moving day:

-       Make an inventory of important medications and first-aid kit.

-       Arrange parking and vehicle access for the moving company.


5.    A day before:

-       See that the packing has started.

-       Leave a welcome note for the new resident, with your new address and contact number on it.

-        Prepare the things that you will carry yourself to the new home.


6.    Moving Day:

-       If your possessions are kept under storage or you’re in for a long distance move, check and sign the inventory.

-       Continue checking the premises for forgotten items as the loading goes on

-       Check top of cupboards.

-       Turn of power and lock house.


7.    After the move:

-       Guide movers as to which furniture goes to which place.

-       Contact the new local council for information such as garbage collection and new residents’ registration. 

-       Smile at new neighbors you meet and say hello.


Source: (Tampa Movers)


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